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Shape warp Power-Merigrock (MeriGrewck how its pronounced) is a fad based of Mario,Jumpman and Mario items Musherweroom Pizza Kingdom. He seems to hate Disney for unknown reasons. His body is shape like for what he's based on.
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He's possibly related to the game Super Mario 3 and those other 8 bit game's like Super Mario bros up to Super Mario bros 3.


  • Shape Warp (A Warp like attack)
  • To transform and copy somebody
  • To hypnotize

Known relatives

Kechow (The Dian Mal Shi Merigrock)

Merigrchowerigroc (Merigrock plus Kechow plus Merigroc)

Merigroc (The Kart fighter and less stronger Merigrock)

Lokeriherit (Brother)

Princess Pweachch (Wife)

Murkagerio (First son)

Loukeeho (Seocnd son)

Baxtorock (The Baxter Merigrock relative and best friend)

Merichow (Merigroc plus Kechow)

Fun facts

  • He is not a Larnofin or a Weegee
  • Did you know he has 700000 bones in his arms and 4432432,9090 in the rest of his boby
  • Did you know he is a Arcade like character
  • Did you know the white circle in his hat is a dead hypno eye
  • His body looks like the triangle blocks,? Box and coins from Mario
  • He is the master of Shape warp

What he is

  • Cool
  • Awsome
  • Not dead or never Dead
  • Imortal
  • A God
  • The Lord of Dark God Italiants of Pure evil
  • Mario fad
  • Strong

What he isn't

  • A loser
  • A Fakegee
  • A Malleo
  • A Guiyii
  • A Ragamiicho
  • Dead
  • Weak
  • Recolor
  • Stupid
  • Larnofin
  • Fortran
  • Weenee

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